Mindfulness Coaching


Mindfulness is experiencing life from moment to moment with full awareness and acceptance. The practice of mindfulness teaches us to pay greater attention to our internal and external experiences leading to a more balanced an harmonious existence. 1 Mindfulness-based coaching assists children and adults with developing awareness of routines, habits, responses, and conditioned behaviors in order to re-wire the mind to promote effective decision making, emotional flexibility, and develop empathy. Not only has scientific evidence recently discovered that mindfulness can reduce stress, physical pain, and help individuals cope with trauma, it can also help with overcoming negative thought patterns, correcting addictive behaviors, and enhancing focus and performance. Through teaching a variety of mindful practices, our mindfulness coaches work with children and adults to build greater self-awareness, increase body regulation, tolerate stress and discomfort, and cultivate a more peaceful and accepting outlook on life.

Learning how to implement mindfulness techniques can be a powerful tool in fostering well-being and reducing emotional reactivity.

What does a children’s mindfulness session look like?
With the gentle guidance of the coach, children are engaged in fun activities that include simple body movement, breathing exercises, and guided visualizations. Introspective practices are gradually increased over the course of several sessions. Topics may be introduced in order to gain a deeper awareness of the body/mind connection, sensory perception, and their interconnection with all beings. Cultivating an outlook of kindness and compassion and upholding respect for self and others forms the foundation for themindfulness work.


What are the benefits of a mindfulness practice?
Children and adults learn tools that help them navigate changes occurring in their daily lives, build mental resilience, and develop tolerance and acceptance for challenging situations. If implemented on a consistent basis, the practice of mindful awareness can guide individuals to improve relationships, create relaxation and calmness, soothe the self, increase memory, reduce stress, manage reactions and emotions, and increase self-acceptance. Mindfulness has also been shown to increase attention and focus and help with difficult mental states such as anxiety and depression by fostering well-being and less emotional reactivity.
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