Parenting Consultation


The goal of Parenting Consultation work is to help and support parents to be successful in raising spiritually, socially and emotionally healthy children, who understand and respect rules, yet who are growing to be authentic, competent & confident individuals. The truth is that effective parenting skills are aren’t always natural or innate. Quite often parents need to alter the approaches they use and augment their expectations, because they simply are not working or are mismatched with the needs and level of understanding of their children. This is what makes parenting such a challenge, and a great opportunity.

Dana Entin, PNC's Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Parent Educator, offers individualized parenting consultation and support programs. Dana’s professional goal is to assist parents in evaluating what is working and what is not, and to find practical, realistic and proven solutions to ease parents’ concerns and practices. The objective is to form consistent, effective and peaceful parent practices that help children feel secure and confident, so they can grow, develop and learn to their maximum potential.  Another goal is to help develop and maintain strong and secure family connections and bonds.  Dana works individually, or in small groups with parents and children, in order to maximize results, acknowledging that each family unit is unique and has distinct needs.