Welcome to Palisades Neurodevelopment Center!
Palisades Neurodevelopment Center (PNC) is a comprehensive assessment and treatment center dedicated to providing children and young adults the highest standard of care. PNC offers a variety of evidence-based interventions and programs for children and young adults struggling with learning difficulties, attention deficits, and concerns related to social and emotional development. Our interdisciplinary team of top child development professionals helps families find solutions that allow children to more deeply understand their personal strengths and reach their full potential.

How are we different from other assessment and treatment centers?


• Neuropsychological Approach 
Our team of child development experts is directed by pediatric neuropsychologists. Our individually tailored process allows us to identify each individual’s areas of strength and challenge and is driven by a thorough understanding of the brain’s inner workings. As a result, our treatment plans effectively target the “whole” child, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s learning profile so that the most effective treatment can be implemented.

• Evidence-Based Treatment
Many treatments options exist for the conditions we evaluate but we only offer those that are backed by scientific research. Families commonly attempt several different treatment trials with varying degrees of success before deciding to conduct an assessment to get to the root of the issue. At PNC, completing an assessment is often only the first step to understanding an individual’s profile and needs. We devise a focused and effective treatment plan that is grounded in evidence-based research. Open communication between team members and access to treatment professionals at one location allows for more timely results. Providing treatment quickly and efficiently is especially important when working with children, so that they may benefit from intervention during critical developmental periods.


• Choices — Traditional and Innovative Options
Many individuals benefit from traditional forms of treatment like medication and psychotherapy. Innovative approaches have also been shown to be effective through promising new research. We believe that there is not one single path to successful treatment, and our treatment plans incorporate your goals, values, and priorities while building upon each child’s strengths. We present options based on research and work with you to implement the treatments that will be most effective and fit your individual needs.